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Physical Education 11

Phys. Ed 12 is an opportunity to provide continued experiences and skills to aid students towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To facilitate this goal, Phys. Ed. 12 is divided into four concurrent units:


Unit I: Outdoor Pursuits:
With the goal of creating safe enjoyable outdoor pursuits the components of this module are created in sequential order to foster cumulative skills to enhance individual as well as team success.


Unit II: Exercise Science:
Through this module it is expected that students will be able to further appreciate the value of active healthy living. This module will provide a valuable foundation for students to understand what exercise science can offer when they begin considering career options.


Unit III: Personal Fitness
All sport and physical activities that students participate in involve a certain level of fitness. The personal fitness module focuses on the acquisition of skills that will allow students to evaluate their own level of fitness as well as design and implement goals for improving fitness.

Unit IV: Leadership
The leadership module focuses on providing students with opportunities to develop and enhance leadership skills. Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate these skills independently and in school or community groups.

Course Evaluation:

Assignments and Evaluations 25%-40%
Class Performance 60%-80%

The Department of Education clearly states that all students must “have a change of clothing from their regular school clothing to facilitated freedom of movement that normally accompanies physical activity”.