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Students will be expected to engage in specific research using the historical methods and communicate the findings of their research effectively.

As one can readily read above, the Independent Study is a research paper where the student generates the topic, research, and engages in the writing process without active guidance. While assistance is provided, it will be intermittent and offered upon request and only by appointment.
The topics that the student may select must be approved before actively engaging in research or writing.

Independent Study Project Requirements:

  1. Independent Study Proposal (outline
  2. Literature Review (3 articles) (outline)
  3. Inspiration Map - essay planner
  4. Hand written, full rough draft (No essays will be accepted without a hand written copy).
  5. Independent Study length 1500 words in APA format (style sheet).
    Here is the on-line resource from the Owl at Purdue (here).
    The Owl's guide to references (guide sheet)


1. Topic proposals Due: November 18, 2014
2. Literature Review Due: November 27, 2014
3. Inspiration essay planner Due: December 8, 2014
4. Positive check-in rough draft Due: December 12, 2014
5. Final draft due: December 19, 2014

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OWL @ Purdue
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