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For your independent Study you will be required to submit a formal proposal prior to any research or rough draft writing.  This proposal will be submitted in a typed, 300 word format.  

No project will be marked without submitting a formal proposal.  In the event of a change in your topic, a second proposal must be submitted (without late penalty) before any additional research can take place.  

Remember to clear all topics through myself before initiating any work!


The format for your 300 word proposal is as follows:

Paragraph 1 Introduction of your general Topic, and why the general topic is relevant to history.  e.g., Mrs. Morgan
Avoid the use of "I" as it is your proposal, and you need not state the obvious.
Paragraph 2 In the second paragraph, identify a development question (here must be level II or higher) that will help develop your thoughts for your paper, and then produce an answer for the question.
This answer will then be fine tuned to form your thesis.

e.g., Should hockey players fight?
Answer: Yes or no...for these reasons.
Paragraph 3 In the third paragraph, identify three resources that you will use in completing the Independent Study.  Please include the name of the author(s), as well as the title of the piece you are looking using. Only books and articles can be used in researching for this essay -Wikipedia NO WAY! Web Sites - FORGET IT!
Provide a cursory (brief) reason why you should use them. These resources may or may not actually be used in the final paper but will appear in the reference page. Think of this paragraph as a Pre-search explanation
Paragraph 4 Describe the format that you will use in presenting the project. What order will the issues or main points will be developed in your essay (strategy). It would also be advisable to include the possibility of bias that you may encounter while conducting research.



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